Skyhook’s partner program is designed to find and nurture relationships to form new and innovative solutions or services. Contact us to discuss joining forces in the IoT, Wearables, Devices & Apps, Chips or Network Operators.

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Are you a potential partner? We’re looking for:

Solution Partners to combine or integrate our technologies to create valuable new solutions.

Ecosystem Providers such as e-marketplaces, channel programs, or solutions directories in our targeted verticals.

Ad Tech Allies across advertising or branding verticals that can help extend or market our behavioral targeting and attribution products.

Join the program:

In their words

"Electric Imp customers can tap Skyhook’s global network of billions of Wi-Fi and cellular network node locations. Now they can create reliable, accurate and scalable insights into IoT edge device use."

Padma Duvvuri,
Head of Business Development and Partnerships
Electric Imp

In the spotlight:

Skyhook is excited to be partnering with Rivetzan industry pioneer of decentralized, embedded cybersecurity tools, to provide industry-leading location services to the Rivetz network in all signal environments and regardless of GPS availability. The full announcement about the partnership can be found .